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Comprehensive air separator

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Comprehensive air separator

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  • Release date:2017/10/10
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Detailed introduction

Device Functions
Comprehensive air separator is a specially developed air separator combined the positive and negative pressure. It has improved the  air separation efficiency.
It is mainly used in the household waste sorting system. To mostly screen out the light materials left on the screen. Combined  the positive& negative air separator  and dust extraction. By adjusting the air supply angle, position of the case, shade position, the separation system reach the best management effect.  To  maximize light materials sorting, and no dust, avoid the secondary pollution.
Device Features


With the air-blast system and dust pelletizing system, it can separate the light materials. This comprehensive sorting device has the features of low noise,  low power consumption, high efficiency, and good effect , etc. And it can be applied in the landfills of large, middle and small scales.
Size and Specifications


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